Disable "App scaling" / "Full screen prompt" on wide device.

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I have a Xamarin.Forms application running on Android. When deployed to a Nokia 3.1 device this shows a "resize button" on the title bar when using the app switcher. When tapped this restarts the application.

The device shows the following description of this button:

App scaling.
Tap the button to optimize the app screen size. The apps will be reopened and some apps may not work well in full screen mode.

Other apps such as Chrome do not show this resize button in the app switcher, what functionality/flag do I need to add to my app to support the screen ratio of this device and cause this button to not appear?

I've also noticed something similar on a Samsung S9, when the app first starts there's a bar at the bottom that you tap on to restart the app to take up the full space on the screen, I imagine this is the same functionality, however on the Samsung it never asks you about this again whereas on the Nokia it's easily tapped which kills and restarts the app.

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