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Image is skewing in iPhone plus devices and XS Max devices for LaunchStoryBoard

HI Guy's,

I'm using LaunchStoryBoard for splash screen in my xamarin forms app. I used 2x,3x images even-though image is skewing in Plus devices and XS Max devices.

1) 2x Image Size - 750x1334
3x Image Size - 1242x2688(For XS Max used)
In this case Plus device is effecting
2) 2x Image Size - 750x1334
3x Image Size - 1242x2208(For Plus devices used)
In this case XS Max device is effecting

And also I tried by adding images in Assets also leads to the same.

In Assets I created Imageset and added the 1x,2x.3x images in iPhone Devices section.

Can you please help me with the above problem.
Thanks in advance.


  • ColeXColeX Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai
    edited January 2019

    Try to add LaunchImage in Image Asset , an leave enable iphone options alone , Fill the images according to the sizes.

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