Allow Non-modular includes in Framework Modules - Xamarin implementation


I have been attempting to bind an objective-c library to our Xamarin project. This has been done successfully with everything running in debug mode. However when I upload to App Store connect we are faced with the error 'Invalid Bundle Structure' - in particular the .a file that is within the framework we are binding. If we remove this .a file then the binding library no longer works. The documentation we are following shows how to use it creating an iOS app through X-Code and every step we have managed to replicate in Xamarin except setting 'Allow Non-modular includes in Framework Modules' to YES.

It is possible that this isn't the issue but we have no other ideas for what it could be and the third party who created the framework can't offer any further assistance as they have no Xamarin experience.

Any advice on the issue, or possibly that I am looking in the wrong place would be greatly appreciated.




  • LandLuLandLu Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    I haven't encountered this error before. Allow Non-modular includes in Framework Modules could be the issue. You can try to set it to true before making the binding library then test again.

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