Color tint code (begginer)

Hey, I'm new to programming and my final work at school is to create an android game. (Xamarin.Android)
In my game, there is a png icon of a player (ImageView).
AXML file has an option in properties called TINT (background and Foreground TINT doesn't change anything, since the icon is .png), that changes the color of the player png icon. But i need to do the color change in my Activity.cs based on spinner choice.

Let's say there are 2 choices in my spinner - blue and black. Default icon color is set to white, but if the user chooses blue, I need to change the png icon tint to blue. In case he chooses black, the color tint will be set to black.

I'm here to ask you, do you know the code for color tint (imageview.setTint or something like that)? I couldn't find any useful information, or I'm just stupid and missed it...


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