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Soon to be college graduate seeking job advice

RafaelNegronRafaelNegron USMember ✭✭

Hello everyone,

This May, I will be graduating with a degree in Audio Engineering and double minor in both Electrical and Computer Engineering. I am currently seeking job opportunities and just like anyone else, would like to find a place that makes me happy and challenges me.

I've recently started to use Xamarin and can say that it has been a great journey thus far. My dream is to become a Mobile Developer and land a job at Xamarin.

I know that this is an open ended question but I was hoping to start a conversation with others in the community of what might be the best possible ways for me to achieve my dream. I'm currently working on an app that I would soon love to have on the app store, and I know that that is a start to my journey.

Would anyone be able to offer resume/career advice?

Thank you all in advance! :smiley:



  • MarkVincentMarkVincent PHMember ✭✭✭

    I would suggest, create your personal app or client app then post it on app store. :) I would also suggest if you can, make an app that uses different web services (Like weather, news etc.) or even your own web services.

    Don't limit yourself. Try to think of the simple things that can be solved using mobile app. Analyze, Plan and Execute :)

    Have a great journey man! :)

  • IanSchoenrockIanSchoenrock USMember ✭✭

    Make your LinkedIn absolutely incredible. Start creating a personal brand and make QUALITY apps, not A LOT of apps. for some reason people think that the more apps you have made the better. most people don't care about the number, they just care if you can make good apps. If you create a personal brand and hiring managers know who you are before you interview, you will have an incredible advantage.

  • Bhavya32Bhavya32 Member


    Currently application creation is very mandatory in IT industry. Each and every people need a different types of applications in their mobile phones. So if you learn the application development you will be easily get a job.

    Why you should learn xamarin?

    In our market we have two types of platform based mobiles like Android and IOS. If you willing to create android application you need to learn Android devlopment or If you willing to create IOS application you need to learn IOS devlopment. But xamarin is supported to both android and ios platforms. Thats why I told you to learn xamarin.

    Hope Tutors

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