Depth of OS integration

We are looking at building tools and libraries for iOS and I am wondering how deeply Xamarin tools would let us get. For example, could a tool like Reveal ( be built with Xamarin?



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    edited November 2013

    Consuming obj-c libraries from a Xamarin/Mono/iOS app is well supported and is used by a lot of people (e.g. TestFlight).
    I know people have linked Reveal with Xamarin apps, and I was able to do so successfully as well.
    Is that what you mean?

    Xamarin tools is for compiling c# code, and though I've seen some chatter about using c#/mono libraries from obj-c I don't think it's very well supported.

    Unfortunately Reveal does not seem to work in a VM (due to lack of OpenGL?) and as such it did not actually render the GUI, which in turn rendered it useless for us;P

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