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Draw lines between coordinates

InformationScienceInformationScience Member
edited December 2018 in Xamarin.Android

Hi everyone,

I was wondering how you can draw lines between points in time (say from a to b, and from b to c and so on) on a Bitmap. The points are coordinates of a gps. The points get drawn as follows:

foreach (Pointtime pt in distance)
                        PointF p = pt.point;
                        float qx = p.X - center.X;
                        float wx = qx * factor;
                        float ex = wx * scale;
                        float xx = this.Width / 2 + ex;

                        float qy = center.Y - p.Y;
                        float wy = qy * factor;
                        float ey = wy * scale;
                        float yy = this.Height / 2 + ey;

                        c.DrawCircle(xx, yy, 10, red); //draws a point for every 4 meters walked.
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