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Making a calendar for android in VS

I am trying to follow along on the following tutorial for a calendar made in VS for an android app: forums.xamarin .com/discussion/66684/guide-calendar-with-highlighted-days?fbclid=IwAR3muQTASxPcioRpCgSVTrN6W4urJcbAzCh2LGRVuKKLwiN1122-EXn0Hy0
(without the space on .com)

The code for the calendar consists of four files that are shown in the link. I did the following:

I tried using the code as described. I added the first part (class) in a file called CalendarView.xaml and second part in a file that was generated for CalendarView.xaml -> CalendarView.xaml.cs. Now for the third part I added to a file CalendarViewRenderer.cs. I added these three to my View.

Now for the last mentioned CalendarPage.cs, I added this in the main project as instructed. After building I got 7 errors.. Maybe something went wrong when adding the package. What I did was (on VS mac): package --> add Nuget packages --> I searched for TimesSquare --> I got two results: (1 - AndroidTimesSquare) and (2 - Square.AndroidTimesSquare), which both seems to give me the message "Package restore failed. Rolling back package changes for ...."

All of the errors I got was in the CalendarPage.cs. It seems like the class is missing a lot of types/namespaces.. Is this because of the packages missing?

Also is there an easier way to make this calendar?

What am I doing wrong?


  • jezhjezh Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Could you please post the demo you have tried so that we can test with it?

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