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Add an AAR without binding


We have an android library that we make available to our customers as AAR files. It has no public methods, it's basically an app within your app that you start by starting an activity with a specified intent filter, i.e. Intent intent = new Intent("com.awesome.library.launch"); startActivity(intent);

Usually our customers include the AAR files in their Gradle build process but we now have a customer who has built their app in Xamarin and we're struggling to come up with a simple way for them to include our library without having to create a bindings library.
(Trying to create a bindings library following the guidelines:, causes a boatload of errors and we simply don't have the resources to maintain it)

The thinking (we hope) is that there ought to be a way to just include the AAR files so that the Xamarin app can call on the exposed activities via their intent filters. Without having to convert the java code to c# since there are no methods to call anyway.

Any ideas?


  • RofiqSetiawanRofiqSetiawan USMember ✭✭✭

    so what error did you get?
    is your library have some dependencies (Android. Support, NineOldAndroid etc.)?

    please post your error here, maybe someone can help you :)

  • To clarify, the bindings errors we get aren't really the issue, they're basically composed of a whats what of the bindings troubleshooting guide

    Unfortunately if it comes down to not being able to add the AAR as is without generating c# bindings we will probably just have to not support Xamarin as we don't have the resources to dedicate to Xamarin support :( Obviously we would like to avoid that route.

    We really hope there's a way to include AAR files in the build that don't require c# access to classes or methods.


    I have the exact same need as @JesperSjquist !
    Did you find a good way to do this ?


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