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Xamarin.UITest Working with photo capture and images in UITest automation

Our application allows users to take a photo. I'm not that interested in testing the camera function from within the test framework. I would like to bootstrap (or load) a few images on to the emulator since the app allows you to select a photo from the camera roll. I have not found any documentation on how to achieve this, or whether it is even possible. Pre-loading pictures on to the emulated device would be much faster and allow for me to have a known set of images to pick from.

So my questions are:
1. Is it possible to programmatically load photos onto an emulated device (Android)?
2. If its possible, then can someone point me to some documentation or code snippets on how to achieve this?


  • jezhjezh Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    If you want to copy image programtically then use following code:

       File sourceLocation= new File (sourcepath);
       File targetLocation= new File (targetpath);
       InputStream in = new FileInputStream(sourceLocation);
       OutputStream out = new FileOutputStream(targetLocation);
            // Copy the bits from instream to outstream
            byte[] buf = new byte[1024];
            int len;
            while ((len = > 0) {
                out.write(buf, 0, len);
  • knudmtknudmt Member ✭✭

    @jezh So your saying that I can just write to the android device file system via a stream?

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