Google Pay(Tez) Integration into my payment gateway? (Xamarin.Android)

FreakyAliFreakyAli USMember ✭✭

Note : I am aware it is not yet available for iOS, Also i am not looking for Xamarin.Forms(Obviously).

Been trying to integrate Google Pay(Tez) API into my Xamarin Application when I realised that there are no guides available for its integration to Xamarin which is fine.

So, I visited the Google Pay API page, Which seems to have a sweet looking guide for Android(Java) so I started converting the native Android code into Xamarin. And then I hit a bump where the PaymentsClient class seems to be unavailable in Xamarin, So I tried checking for its namespace so maybe I could understand if it was available or not(Xamarin.Android). But there is no mention of the namespace of this class(None that I noticed). All I could find in its info is that it inherits from which did not help at all actually.


Am I missing some package here or is there some alternative that is used in Xamarin?
Is There some guide to integrating Google pay API for Xamarin apps that I have missed?
Is Google pay integration not added in Xamarin.Android yet?
Or is there something wrong with my current config? i.e VS17 Pro version 15.6.7 , Xamarin version and Xamarin.Android version Android SDK latest with all the API versions above v 4.0

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