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No response from HttpWebRequest using Xamarin.Mac

VioletaSanchezVioletaSanchez ESMember ✭✭
edited November 2018 in Xamarin.Mac

Hi Xamarin team!

I didn't find a specific forum for Xamarin.Mac so I hope this is the best place to report this issue.

It's Violeta, one of the developers of PlasticSCM. We are using Xamarin.Mac for our macOS GUI client.

The issue was reported for our customers after we upgraded from Xamarin.Mac to Xamarin.Mac
To mitigate the problem for the time being, we downgraded to Xamarin.Mac again.

We have isolated the problem and we have created a very simple application to reproduce it.

The application runs a HttpWebResponse request to download a blob from our cloud storage.

If you just run the application using Xamarin.Mac, you will see that it works perfectly, the HttpWebResponse is OK, and the application ends.
If you run it using Xamarin.Mac, it never ends. It stucks in the HttpWebResponse. There is no response :(

In order to report this issue, we tried to move that blob to a development storage (for you to test it), but we couldn't reproduce the issue in that other storage.
So, we decided giving you access to that blob in our production storage. But, the shared access signature in the testing data will just work for one month. If you need more time just let us know.

Thank you very much,




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