How to set the image property of image view in storyboard file in the XML file rather the designer?

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I'm trying to set the a launch screen according to this doc but when I try to set the Image property from the properties window, it open a file dialog instead of the showing the available Assets in the drop-down list. so I think the workaround is to set it manually in the storyboard xml file.. but I don't know how, any help?
When I set the Image property and then save, the change is lost, so it looks impossible doing it in either way..
I'm on Visual Studio 2017 15.8.5


  • ColeXColeX Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai
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    If there is no image file in Assets or Resources , it opens the file picker dialog. If not , drop-down list will be shown.

    I test with a new project ,and it works fine as stated above.

    I suggest you re-add that image in Assets and re-connect to the mac ,reload your storyboard.

    Try again !

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