List of complete tools required/recommended for app development using Xamarin (Microsoft shop)

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First time was asked this question at a large shop that is starting mobile dev (iOS/Android)
Do we have a current and complete list compiled that we could present for a corporate customer (i.e. large insurance agency)?
1. VS2017 with Xamarin (Mac vs PC)
2. AppCenter Account vs BrowserStack vs TestFairy
3. Enterprise + dev accounts on and
4. Purchase iPhone and Android devices (someone just mentioned "BrowserStack" has physical devices so we don't need them... hmmm)
5. etc...

vs recommended:



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    Hi @MarkRadacz.7953 --

    I don't think there's a definitive list. The only thing you need is the latest version of Visual Studio on either Windows or Mac (or both if you want to use Windows but target a Mac). That and developer-level machines.

    All of the other things you list are either optional or not needed until someone is ready to publish the app. And in that case, it will just be one person (or a select few) in your organization. Not everyone needs a paid Apple developer, or Google developer account for example.

    Physical devices are handy, and eventually necessary for testing purposes, but again not strictly necessary in the beginning. Emulators and simulators work fine for most of the development stage. Make sure you do eventually test on the real thing though.

    App Center et al. are all great tools, and it's fantastic to set up a CI/CD pipeline with testing, etc. But that's likely again just a few people in the org, not every developer.

    My comments are the bare necessities and at what point you'll need each tool. I think you'll get better traction with this question in the General forum where more people will see the post. Then you can likely garner some opinions from other big enterprise customers who can detail what they are using. It will be a lot of views about what you need and don't.

    Mark Smith

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    Two must-haves I'd bring up are a strong crash reporting tool with as many integrations/alert options as possible, and a good analytics tool with session recordings and heatmaps, like Appsee.

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