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Configure AppCenter for distribute ios app - ERROR ITMS-90161

When I run appcenter to distribute my app I get this:

[12:01:54]: [31m[Transporter Error Output]: ERROR ITMS-90161: "Invalid Provisioning Profile. The provisioning profile included in the bundle cl.ssa.triegeapp [Payload/] is invalid. [Missing code-signing certificate]. A Distribution Provisioning profile should be used when submitting apps to the App Store. For more information, visit the iOS Developer Portal."

in Build configuration

use iOS Provisioning Profiles (Development) file
and use Certificate: for developer (not distribution) file

In Developer Accounts


  • ColeXColeX Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai
    edited November 2018

    Where do you want to distribute your application to ?

    If AppStore or testflight , you have to use App Store privisioning profile and Distribute Certificates .

    If just the distribution group of app center, you can use Development privisioning profile and Certificate.

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