Xamarin appreciation thread

Lately I feel like all I've been doing is posting about problems, and I feel like a lot of the posts on the forum is about problems with Xamarin products.
In this thread I want everyone to talk about what makes Xamarin awesome :)

Personally I love the new PCL support, it is really powerful how we can share code across so many platforms in such a seamless manner.

Thank you, everyone working for Xamarin!


  • SteveGraySteveGray GBMember ✭✭

    I'd just like to say thank you for the now 7 days that I have been unable to work since the updates that went out last week!

    I'm sure support are doing their best but to be out of action for over a week now is totally unacceptable.

  • Yes, I myself have faced a lot of frustration, but I still feel there is room for a single appreciation thread!

    I'm very surprised you've been out of action for so long, my experience with Xamarin support has been very good.

    Some more appreciation; I've been using visual studio debugging a bit lately and it's surprisingly fast, sometimes debugging desktop applications can be really slow and this is something I was worried about initially, thankfully I was proven wrong:)

  • ShaunLynch.9419ShaunLynch.9419 USMember, University

    I also appreciate what Xamarin have done here - we simply couldn't do what we're doing without them (sharing C# code from our existing APIs and enterprise to our mobile apps).
    Everyone I have met from Xamarin is very passionate about what they are doing and they're a very clever set of people.

    In the interests of giving feedback and hoping they can improve, I would say that they have one area where they are very spotty - no, actually, they are pretty bad at - and that is communication.

    There's been too many updates where things are either missing or totally broken but very little word from Xamarin about it. They seemingly changed their license terms (and back again) with hardly a word communicated.
    The biggest opportunity I think they have right now is with these forums - they should have programming evangelists who are paid to do little else but answer just about every question in these forums. If the question is about an issue with XS, then they should go and find out what the issue is, if it's someone who is stuck on something, then give them the technical hints they need (or even post a small app that does what the poster is asking), if it's an apparent bug, then find out if it's being fixed and when.

    I'm not saying this isn't happening here, it's just not happening enough. I'm grateful to the Xamarin employees who do post here occasionally, but I don't think there's anyone at Xamarin whose job it is solely to do so and there's way too many questions where the community doesn't have the answer and Xamarin don't jump in.

    They should go take a look at what Telerik do on their forums. I spend approx. the same with them a year as I do with Xamarin for their windows/web controls. Pretty much any question asked in their forums will get answered by an employee, if someone asks about 'how do I use XX' feature, then they will work up a simple test app showing how to use it. The big advantage to that is there is thus a lot of documentation in their forums that can be searched for.

    Xamarin are doing a great job, but there's always room to grow and improve and for me, this would be the cherry on the top!

  • CheesebaronCheesebaron DKInsider, University mod

    I have been working with Xamarin's products since 2011, and I can tell you they have improved hugely during these two years.

    The biggest community change was going from a mailing list to forum, although the mailing list still exist, most of the users are using the forum. However I think when we used the mailing lists there was a bit more direct support from the engineers behind the Xamarin products. Personally I think the forums are chaotic and too many newcomers ask the same questions instead of searching for their answer and I would really like a StackOverflow type of forum instead, because these questions are not moderated and there is no real incentive to answer questions, also people are constantly asking questions through personal messages, which do not benefit others than them selves, which I try tell them over and over again. This could also be the reason why they are shying away from the forums.

    As for the products, I cannot complain, they just keep getting better and better. Sure there is a hiccup now and then, and there has been a bit too much silence about PCL's until now, but in general Xamarin does a solid job.

  • I agree, having a stackexchange-site for xamarin would be really good.

    Stack Overflow already has a lot of questions about Xamarin, but if we could move questions (and users) from the forum to a moderated question-site it would be an improvement, that way the forums could be more about real discussions :P

  • victoriavictoria SEMember ✭✭✭

    I too have been on the Xamarin train for quite some time, and I totally agree - I've never felt so detached as I am now. The forums might be a better place to gather information than the mailing list archives and IRC, but something has been lost. I don't think something like the whole licensing fiasco with the silenced thread could have happened a year ago. I understand Xamarin needs to make money, and this might be the best way for them to achieve that goal, but for me I feel like I've turned into just a customer of an enterprise product without humans behind it. With all the time and money invested in this technology I'll just have to live with it, but next time I'm asked to give a presentation of Xamarin.iOS at some local user group or conference I'm simply going to decline unless there's something in it for me. I have resigned as an evangelist.

    That said, Xamarin is still awesome technology, and I love using it.

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