Responsive Font Size for different devices

I'm trying to deal with different devices and platforms (Android & iOS) without success.

I subclassed Label and calculate font size with Device.GetNamedSize and multiplying it by factor (also tried without it). But it does not look well in all devices, but no success.

Was looking XLab project and thought that I could categorize devices (like it is done with resources [HDPI,XHDPI,...]) but I couldn't find a way to calculate the device display size in inches.

Is there a better way to face this issue? Thanks in advance.


  • TyRoesleTyRoesle Member ✭✭

    Could you use Device.Styles on your Labels? They scale the font size according to device/size/user accessibility preferences, but limits you to 6 font size options/styles. You could also create a new style using one as a base resource though.

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