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Native SDK binding questions...

Last I remember looking into bindings for Xam.Forms, it wasn't possible (I thought...?). Is that a new-ish feature? Can I bind a native iOS and Android SDK or plugin, to a Forms app? I could have sworn 2 years ago that you could only do bindings in Xam.Android and Xam.iOS...

Also, last time I attempted bindings in Xam.Android and Xam.iOS they were extremely difficult to do. IF I can do bindings in Forms to native SDKs, how difficult are they? I'm hoping maybe the tools have progressed so that it's easier to do these days.

I'm Googling as well, just seeking a little confirmation from the community if possible.

Thank you!!

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  • lanceking11lanceking11 Member ✭✭

    Awesome Clint, how difficult are they to implement these days? I've not had the best experiences with binding projects in the past.

  • lanceking11lanceking11 Member ✭✭

    Thanks for the insight! You rock :smile:

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