Spinner: trying to map hardware keys while dropdown is open

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I've got an Android application written using Xamarin Android (not Xamarin Forms). It runs on a Zebra WT6000, which has hardware keys "P1" and "P2". By default, these are mapped to volume-down and volume-up (respectively).

Within my application, I use these keys for other things (and provide an alternative way for the user to manage audio volume). This all works as intended.

My problem is that I have a spinner (Android.Widget.Spinner), and when the spinner is tapped and the dropdown appears, the default button mappings come back in force, ignoring the key handlers in my activity.

I have tried this:

MySpinner.KeyPress += (sender, evt) => { /* do a thing */ };

and also:

MySpinner.SetOnKeyListener(new KeyListener());
private class KeyListener : Java.Lang.Object, View.IOnKeyListener
    public bool OnKey(View v, [GeneratedEnum] Keycode keyCode, KeyEvent e)
        // do a thing
        return true;

However, neither my lambda function nor my OnKey() method ever get called, and the key handling doesn't change.

I suspect that the spinner's dropdown is its own DialogFragment (with it's own key handling) rather than part of my activity. If so, I suspect I have to call the SetOnKeyListener() of that DialogFragment (rather than the SetOnKeyListener() of the spinner).

(I also asked the same question here.)

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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