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Login and Register With Xamarin App in ASP Web API

Hello everyone I'm new to mobile development (Xamarin), I develop a Xamarin-Form application with an authentication (Login & password) via a WebAPI server (Identity) that works well and authentication by social networks like Google, Facebook , Twitter ... thanks to Xamarin Auth I was able to recover the Token and other user information (Email, Name, Id ...) of these different Service Provider.

My problem comes from the fact that I do not know how to make the best use of this token that is offered to me with my WebService for complete authentication of my users.

I wanted to save user data from Google (name, email ...) as a new user using my normal registration methods but I find it strange because I should still ask for a password for the new account that I must create in the background.

By loading into the WebAPI project I am falling on an AddExternalLogin method but I did not find how it could solve my problem.

If anyone knows how I could use the information from the authentication by social networks (Facebook, Google ...) with identity or advice ... I'm interested.

but how strange is the good?


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