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How to interact with web-view azure login for app

We have hit a roadblock with the UITests for the new app we are working on as such as the developers have opted for the new Azure login.

When the app hits the page I am unable to interact with any of the elements and therefore unable to log in, when I load the app in test recorder and open REPL

when running the tree command all I get is


    [[object CalabashRootView]]

I have tried using XPath and CSS via REPL with no success.

The login page is just a browser within the app -

Any help on this would be hugely appreciated


  • acharyaalpeshacharyaalpesh Member ✭✭

    same issue Cant find anything in tree,

    Screen on mobile show login text box and password tex box with Sign in button.

    But tree does not show anything ...

    Any help ...

  • subbuk209subbuk209 Member ✭✭
    Hi, did you guys able to figure out the solution. I am on the same boat. Please share your thoughts.
  • subbuk209subbuk209 Member ✭✭
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