Importing my own pictures to use in an Interface.

I'm trying to make a main screen for an android app. It is an axml file. When using an ImageView, I can pull from a Drawable folder located somewhere on my computer. I've located the folder and all it's images, but it isn't present in VS to import to. I also cannot just copy and paste pictures into it. What do I need to do to put my own PNGs in this folder?


  • BillyLiuBillyLiu Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai


    I also cannot just copy and paste pictures into it.

    Have you tried to copy and paste the picture in File Explorer? Then in the Visual Studio, you could click the Show All Files button in the top of Solution Explorer window. Then right-click the picture you added in and select Include In Project.

  • TheDJPHDTheDJPHD Member

    Okay, yes, I can do that. Question now is, what is the syntax to access it in the ImageView source line?
    android:src="@android:drawable/ic_menu_star" is the general syntax, and it recognizes it (ic_menu_star being a default image in drawable).
    I try android:src="@android:Resources\Splash", or splash.png, etc. It will not find it.

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