how to integrate xamarin in VS to Cruise Control.NET or if there is bette way to automate apk builds

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How to produce / automate builds and how do you guys plan on providing this build to users. We already have implemented Cruise Control dot NET for our .net applications and I'm wondering if anyone here has already integrate xamarin.forms into this build server?



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    @AlfredRoa.2525 - It doesn't cover CruiseControl.Net, but you might find "Xamarin Continuous Integration and Delivery" by Gerald Versluis interesting and/or useful.

    It's nice to know that CruiseControl.Net is still being used. I built up a significant CI system some years back using it, but I know since then many people I know have moved away from it, whether to Jenkins, TFS/MSBuild etc.

    I cannot think of any reason why it should not be possible to use CruiseControl.Net to implement CI for Xamarin.Forms apps regardless of target platform. I wouldn't be surprised if some custom plugins were required though.

    A quick Google found one forum thread about CruiseControl.Net with Xamarin Android. See

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    @JohnHardman thank you. This is helpful.

    What do you used now for you Xamarin app builds? Or are you just building it stand-alone?

  • JohnHardmanJohnHardman GBUniversity mod

    @AlfredRoa.2525 said:
    What do you used now for you Xamarin app builds? Or are you just building it stand-alone?

    I'm working on my own at the moment, so just triggering builds manually.

    Were I to automate the build I suspect I would stick with Microsoft tooling, using TFS & MSBuild. But that's down to my particular scenario - I use TFS for version control already, my most recent experience of automating builds was using MS tools (although I've used many others in the past), I don't have company standards to follow etc.

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    @JohnHardman, I see. thanks

    As of this writing, I have just tried automating builds using Azure Pipilines. It worked pretty well on Xamarin.Android and iOS - simulator. Though still working now on Manually provisioning the iOS build -- this part I haven't been building a successful build but I'm getting there, still getting few configuration errors.

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    @JohnHardman good news, iOS build successfull.

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