Speed of binding from source to label text property

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Right now I am making a calculation whenever the user moves his/her phone however the ui does not update properly. I have a binding from viewmodel to a label text property. It updates randomly every in around 5 minutes.

The code is running form readingchanged from xamarin.esssentials compass: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/xamarin/essentials/compass?context=xamarin/xamarin-forms&tabs=android

Does a binding have a limit to how many times it can be called per second or what is going on?


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    @ClintStLaurent said:
    I have binded text updating WAY RAPIDLY during app launch on my splash screen... showing that steps are taking place.

    I don't know what the limit is for response time; and I'll bet its dependent on the device hardware... but I bet this is updating at least 20 times a second.

    The problem where elsewhere, so it was nothing with the binding

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    Sounds like it

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