XF 3.3.0 and ListView Performance in Android

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I have update XF to 3.3.0

I am using a Zebra TC51 and I would like to use a ListView.

I have already set

        ListView listView = new ListView(ListViewCachingStrategy.RecycleElement);

but it seems scrolling is Slow... (I have never seen so slow from 2.X release...)

I have searched and I have found this article https://blog.xamarin.com/make-xamarin-forms-apps-even-better-faster/

@DavidOrtinau suggests to use


I have tried but It don't compile

'IPlatformElementConfiguration<Android, ListView>' non contiene una definizione per 'SetIsFastScrollEnabled' e non è stato trovato alcun metodo di estensione accessibile 'SetIsFastScrollEnabled' che accetta un primo argomento di tipo 'IPlatformElementConfiguration<Android, ListView>'. Probabilmente manca una direttiva using o un riferimento a un assembly.

(Translation... IPlatformElementConfiguration does not have a definition for SetIsFastScrollEnabled...)

What could be?

Is it correct there is a performance regression in 3.3?



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