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Status of MasterPageItem?

LeloLelo Member ✭✭✭

When I try to create an instance of MasterPageItem it contains no properties in C# code behind. And when I try to declare it xaml I also don't get any properties. Has it been removed and should you use other items in instead. I was trying to follow this:

I also can't find declaration online for MasterPageItem. Has it been removed then?

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  • LeloLelo Member ✭✭✭

    @jezh said:
    I have tested the sample according the link you post, you can try to change the code(In MasterPage.xaml), then try again:




    Yes it worked, adding xmlns:local="clr-namespace:MasterDetailPageNavigation" gave me PageItems. I have my Masterpage in a separate xaml and it worked there adding the namespace like that

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