Azure MacOS Microsoft-hosted Agents?

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I looking into a solution developing Cross-Platform apps with Xamarin Forms.

I was reading about Azure MacOS Microsoft-hosted Agents.

  1. Can I use it with my Visual Studio to connect the Mac Agent to to build from my local Visual Studio?

  2. Can I use this so I can then use the IOS simulator?

  3. Can I use this to publish Xamarin forms apps to the Apple Store?

So really negating the need for me to have my own MacOS machine?

Not sure if I am mistaking the purpose of this functionality.




  • LandLuLandLu Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Did you create a Mac virtual environment on Azure? If so you can connect to that virtual machine on the Azure service. But you can't run a simulator on a virtual machine. Simulators are in a sense a virtual machine too, we can't run a virtual one from another virtual environment.
    So for 1 and 3 definitely Xamarin Forms can do that. And these are what Xamarin doing now. But for 2 you need a real device to use the simulators.

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