Is it worth paying for Xamarin University

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have just started with XamU classes, namely, XAM101 and XAM110 (the basics). Both are fine, but looks bit obsolete, eg. refering to PCL (now deprecated and replaced with .NET Standard) or often talk about Windows Phone (officialy dead for more than a year). These two classes are available for free, just wondering if it is worth paying for the XamU? Are there interesting up-to-date courses, working with VS2017 and .NET Standard?




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    It depends on what you want to archieve and how experienced you are. All the knowledge you can learn at Xamarin University is available on Apples, Googles and Microsofts documentations. But the way it will be presented is unique in my opinion.

    In short:

    If you are a beginner: give it a try.
    If you are someone who does mobile development daily: Take a look at the courses and decide on what you want to know better.

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    Found some interesting review about that. Sharing here for future:

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    @JiriMatejka said:
    just wondering if it is worth paying for the XamU?

    Simple answer - Yes

    You can always just pay for a few months and cram in every course available

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