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View added using AddSubview Not showing in UI (Mac OS Mojave)

We have a NSview in the homePage of our application.Where we add a Nsviewcontroller as subview.The Nsviewcontroller consists of a tableview with delegates. Here the tableview inside the viewcontroller is not displaying in the Nsview of home page.But the tableview row datas are binded succesfully and delagtes are also correctly hitting while using breakpoints.Also While debugging the view is not null.The issue is the User interface is not displaying.

I have created a Nsview programatically and tried to add as subview in homepage and it successfully works.

The functionality is correctly working in the Previous OSX versions. (The issue is only with Mac Os Mojave).

Below is the code :-

if (summaryVC == null) {
summaryVC = new SummaryViewController ();

summaryVC.View.Frame = vwMain.Bounds;

vwMain.AddSubview (summaryVC.View);
CommonClass.SummaryController = summaryVC;

SummaryViewController - Contains tableview and delegates. vwMain:- Nsview in the homepage. The issue is in the Mac Os application Developed by Xamarin.Mac

Please any one help me to solve the issue


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