Is it possible to generate Xamarin libraries to be used in native applications?

I'd like to know if there's a way to generate native libraries from a Xamarin project. I would like to embed my Xamarin Forms module into another native application for iOS and Android.

I know there's the tool .NET Embedding but it looks like it's in a very early stage of development and I wasn't able to make it work, it keeps crashing even when I use it on a newly generated Xamarin.Andorid class library.

Do you know if there's any alternative option to do that?


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  • Thanks for your reply but that's not what I need, I'd like to generate libraries for native Android and iOS projects, with code written in Java/Kotlin and Objective C/Swift.

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    I have not tried it myself, but this has been around for a year or two:

  • Thanks but that's the other name of .NET Embedding and I've already tried it without success, I was looking for other solutions.

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