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Xamarin.UITest: What can be Test Cases for Xamarin.UITest

I have a page which have header in which their is logo ,label and hamburger.
In middle I have a List view having 3 options in each list.
In Footer I have 3 button to call ,email,message.

Please tell me what can be a test cases.


  • JohnHardmanJohnHardman GBUniversity mod
    edited October 2018

    @ana_ri said:
    Please tell me what can be a test cases.

    There are two ways of approaching this, whether doing the testing manually or using automation.

    One approach, often the only thing done by people new to testing, is to do every possible interaction possible on a page. For example, press every button, select every item in the list, scroll the list, swap from portrait to landscape (and back) etc.

    The second approach, is to ask what functionality is supposed to be available and test the functional aspects. For example, under a particular set of circumstances the user needs to be able to call the number of a person or organisation in the contacts on the test device".

    In practice, the testing of functionality should be the highest priority, followed by testing of non-functional requirements (e.g. accessibility, reliability, recoverability etc). The button-pushing approach to test should be done after that, if time permits. Automation of testing the presentation (as mentioned in your other forum threads) such as testing that a particular control is centered or testing that a box is gray, is rarely done, as (a) you rarely have the time to automate that level of detail in a commercial environment, (b) it makes tests very fragile to changes in requirements, (c) those are things that get spotted very quickly in a manual smoke test.

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