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How to take picture from camera and retrieve it using Xamarin.forms for cross platform app ?



  • @Vaka.GopiNadhReddy said:
    Hi, I done this in Android and IOS both by using dependency services.

    here is the sample.......

    Really Thanks.

  • RuthCrawfordRuthCrawford Member ✭✭
    edited October 2018

    Is there any way to save an image(which is in the display or in the drawable folder) to gallery using media plugin?

    Because I really love to take a lot of photos and I like this tips

  • techcloudtechcloud Member

    Hey, I also wanted to know how to retrieve it using Xamarin. I work with different photography platform and also love to edit the photos most using various tools like clipping path and so on. Would you please describe how to retrieve in details? It' ll help in my future work as well.

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