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Firebase cloud messaging on iOS

St4lkerSt4lker USMember ✭✭


I'm trying to implement push notification on my app, i use FCM for this, it works perfectly with android but i cannot make it work with iOS. I followed several tutorials ( I tried with APN authentification key and with APN certificate but nothing works ...

I feel like i did well, in my iOS project, the remote notifications are enable in background modes (in info.plist), the method DidReceiveRegistrationToken is reached with a fcmToken set but when i send a message with firebase console, nothing happen with my application in background ...

My version of iOS is 10.3.1

If anyone has an idea of what might be a problem, I'm starting to despair ...

Thanks a lot !


  • St4lkerSt4lker USMember ✭✭

    Update, I receive the notification when the app is foregrounded but when it is on background I received nothing ... I saw that the instruction "Messaging.SharedInstance.ShouldEstablishDirectChannel = true;" allows to disconnect FCM when the app goes into background but when I set the property to false, I receive nothing ...

    Is there another free solution for push notification or somebody know this problem ?


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