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Deploying Xamarin for Testing

FXamainFXamain Member ✭✭

I am working with Xamarin Forms and I am new to this platform. I am trying to build an application for android and iOS. currently I have paired my visual studio 2017 with Mac and I am running it in a simulator currently for testing.

I just want to deploy it in a handheld iOS device for testing. Hope Fastlane tools helps us. So will we be able to connect to iOS device to our Visual studio 2017 device in which I am doing my development (i.e.) Windows PC, with the help of Fastlane tools.

I would like to know the solution for deploying iOS in device for testing, one device is enough. If possible without a physical Mac that will be more helpful.

Kindly provide the steps for the testing process.

Expecting your help. Thanks in advance.

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  • LandLuLandLu Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai
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    If you want to deploy a project on a real device, you also need a provisioning profile no matter paid or free:
    Then this device should be connected to Mac directly, since the code is finally built on the Mac. iOS SDK can't be deployed without a Mac. I'm afraid you need a physical Mac working beside you.

  • FXamainFXamain Member ✭✭

    Thanks for the Reply.

    So is my understanding is right. I will be connecting the mobile device with Mac Machine, and then after pairing the Mac with VS17, we will be able to deploy it in the mobile device from VS17.

    Xcode alone will be enough in our Mac Device, Right. provided the provisioning profile.

  • deczalothdeczaloth DEMember ✭✭✭

    Hi @Alfin, jusst to complement:

    Always worth a thought is using a Mac in the cloud (there are some providers out there). Then you can buils your projects and deploy in the remove mac's simulator (for deploying in a physical device you will need to use FlightTestApp or something of that kind).

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