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Gstreamer-sharp for Android

I want to build gstreamer-sharp for Android and use it via Xamarin.Android. What I need to do and how am I supposed to start(which .dll or .so files I need to compile? How I can use it? Should I use JNI or not? Which environment I need to get in my project or I just can compile shared libraries? etc.)?
Thank you in advance!


  • don-progdon-prog USMember

    If this is too broad for you, then I have something more concrete about gstreamer-sharp and native gstreamer working process on Android.
    How I understand work of gstreamer-sharp: gstreamer-sharp depends on glib-sharp(but not on the whole gtk-sharp) which provides GLib types for using them in the gstreamer-sharp, this is good choice because native gstreamer also uses GLib, so there is no need to use difficult type marshalling; gstreamer-sharp depends on gstreamer-sharp which provides front end realization which we can easily use from C# code; also gstreamer-sharp depends on libgstreamersharpglue, but I don't understand what exactly it does(this answer did not help me too).

    Also I know that I can use native gstreamer on Android. To do this I need to build gstreamer_android.c(I think this is a glue but I don't understand for what exactly) and something like main.c(with Gstreamer functions) which depends on the gstreamer_android.c and whcih we will use from the Java(or from the C#) via JNI interface. I do not quite clearly understand native gstreamer working procces on Android, so please correct me.
    So the main problem is how can I connect gstreamer-sharp with the native gstreamer on Android? And what will be better: use gstreamer-sharp or native gstreamer on Android(of course I mean use it via C# on Xamarin.Android)?
    Any help will be very useful!

  • XamarinCsXamarinCs USMember ✭✭

    i'm new in xamarin can you give me somthing simpler so i can use it in my app

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