NSUserDefaults data sharing between Today Extension and Parent App

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Hello! I am working on the Today Extension project to my iOS App. And I am trying to achieve data sharing between them. I have added the App Groups possibility to App ID's to both projects. I have tried using the NSUserDefaults with the App Group ID, and interestingly I can share the data within a project (either Parent App or Today Extension) this way, but not between them. Am I missing something? Since both projects can use this App Group ID to share data within themselves, how is it not possible to share between them? Should I allow the external access somewhere?


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    I'm having similar issues.
    I have followed all the steps described here: https://github.com/rolfbjarne/todaysharing/blob/master/README.md

    I have added the group app in the Entitlements.plist on both projects.

    But I'm not able to share info in the NSUserDefaults.

    Did you find a solution in your case?

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    I solved. What an silly error I was making!!

    Make sure in the properties of both projects, in the section iOS Bundle Sining, the Custom Entitlements field is informed with your Entitlements.plist file.

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    I am having same issue unable to get the data from App Extension to App Container via NSUserDefaults
    I have already checked the pList and App Group Id

    Here is my following code

                private void saveDataForContainerApp()
                    NSUserDefaults myDefaults = new NSUserDefaults("group.com.compnyname.appname");
                    myDefaults.SetString(mainObject, "contentKey"); 
                    myDefaults.SetURL(mainURL, "contentURL"); 

    In Container App

                if(myDefaults2 == null)
                    myDefaults2 = new NSUserDefaults("group.com.compnyname.appname", NSUserDefaultsType.SuiteName);
                Console.WriteLine("Testing defaults content Container " + myDefaults2.StringForKey("contentKey"));
                Console.WriteLine("Testing defaults content Container " + myDefaults2.StringForKey("contentURL"));

    Please let me know what can be the cause, If I am trying to print the data from user defaults in extension app it is working properly but I am unable to get the data in Container's App.

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    @MANISH1988 Did you get it working? I am trying to solve the same problem. I am trying to access NSUserDefaults in an Extension app. What is the code to store in the Xamarin iOS Project and retrieve in the Extension. Is the above code correct?

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