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Warning when uploading to Google Play store (api versions)

TonyGodtTonyGodt DKMember ✭✭
edited August 2018 in Xamarin.Android

I am working on an update to an older app, and I have set the min-sdk to to 4.1 (api level 16) as I still have many users with those versions of Android using it.

Its built again sdk 8.1 (api level 28).

When I upload my APK to the Google Play store I get this warning which I really do not understand - does it say that very soon I can only release updates that works on 8.0+ (api level 26) ?

That sounds absolutely bonkers to me, as I have many users on old devices!

I have these build settings in Visual Studio for Mac :

Hope some clever people can explain this to me - I am fairly new to the Android world ...


  • DonPalabrasDonPalabras Member ✭✭

    Is that also your problem?


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