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Instruments profiling trouble

Hi, I've tried using Instruments to detect memory troubles. I used the following guide to show me how to setup Xamarin->Instruments,,_testing,_and_metrics/instruments_walkthrough/

However, I see that Instruments have changed some in Xcode5, not that it really matters, but some of the button names etc have changed names. Anyway, my problem is that when running Instruments I don't get the "mono code" when selecting a entry in the call stack in instruments (mentioned in step 14 in the guide above). Sometimes i only get assembler/hex (?) references to calls made in the app (probably because instruments failed to match the dsym file), and most of the time I only get names in the call stack as such: "native_to_managed_trampoline____", which shows some obj-c obfuscated code.

So, how on earth can i profile my app in instruments, see the correct call stack, and when i click on the call stack entry, see the c# code in question (just as in the guide) ??


  • DerekYoussiDerekYoussi USMember

    Did you find a solution for this? I'm experiencing the same problem and I really need to get this working

  • tskulbrutskulbru NOMember

    No, sadly I couldn't solve it, and I didn't have any more time on my project to try to resolve it.

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