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How to remove the shadow in the Xamarin.Forms application

When scrolling from above and below appears a white shadow, how can I remove it? The application uses the "ThriveGmbH.BottomNavigationBar.XF" library, but this shadow appears on regular pages


  • ColeXColeX Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Would you mind showing us some code or a simple sample ?

  • roman_melnikowroman_melnikow Member
    edited August 2018

    @ColeX said:
    Would you mind showing us some code or a simple sample ?

    This happens even on the newly created page

    Home page code (With library "ThriveGmbH.BottomNavigationBar.XF")

     public AppShell ()
           InitializeComponent ();
                appShell = this;
                this.BarBackgroundColor = Color.FromHex("#f1f1f1");
                this.BarTextColor = Color.Accent;
                this.FixedMode = true;
                this.CurrentPageChanged += MainPage_CurrentPageChanged;

    Xaml code

        <xf:BottomBarPage xmlns="..."
            <local:LandingPage x:Name="tab1"  Title="Главная" Icon="outline_home_24" />
            <local:NewsPage x:Name="tab2" Title="Новости" Icon="outline_art_track_24" />
            <local:BioPage x:Name="tab3" Title="Биографии" Icon="outline_supervisor_account_24"  />
            <local:DiscPage x:Name="tab4" Title="Дискография" Icon="outline_library_music_24" />
            <local:Menu x:Name="tab5" Title="Другое" Icon="outline_menu_24" />
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