Xamarin Installation on Visual Studio 2017 Windows 10

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I don't find on Internet Installation of Xamarin on Visual Studio 2017. Those who are looking for installation Guidelines this is for you

Step 1: First thing you must download Visual Studio 2017 (Community or Professional or Enterprise: For your Requirement).

Step 2: After downloading VS 2017, you have to run it then you’ll get this Screen :

Here we have Workloads, Individual Components and Language Packs.
Workloads: Go to Mobile & gaming at bottom Select Mobile Development with .Net
This is the Xamarin Workload for Visual Studio. You have So many Toolsets and Platform specific development workloads are there.

  • Add Asp.Net And Web Development – It will use for Services
  • If you want to develop UWP application just add Universal Platform Development.
    (it will give sdk if you develop from xamarin.forms)
    Step 3: Individual Components:
    Next, you may see Individual Components section, there you must select latest versions of

  • .Net Framework (Maintain latest to previous versions 2 or 3 (Because if you use solution from any other source. Example code from online they may used old versions) I have checked Most of the versions)

  • Some Components automatically shows Tick Mark () because it will download along with the workloads we added in before section. So Don’t unmark those .
  • In Development Activities: Select Xamarin Only no need of C++ and c++ android, iOS etc.
  • Emulators: Google android Emulator (Sometimes it may fail to install). You can install it later If you got error.
  • SDK’s and Libraries: Select Latest Versins for android and Windows SDK’s.
    Language Pack: You can select your well-known language for understanding. (Obviously English for me)

Step 4: Install it. (Its 20 to 29 GB Usually)
Getting Started Visual Studio Now:
Now login with Microsoft credentials if you have else create now.

Open Visual Studio and In File -New Project

Android native select android.
IOS Native Select IOS
Xamarin.Forms Selecet Cross Platform.

Now you can start developing Applications. Hope its useful for New developers.


  • HunumanHunuman GBMember ✭✭✭✭

    Thanks @Pilli I am certain that will be useful to people.


    PS Welcome to the forums

  • rubenpul5rubenpul5 Member

    Oh well thanks for sharing the guideline. Will try this one. Hope you can share more
    useful article for us. It's a big a help. Go2top.

  • arulvramanaarulvramana Member

    Does it have to be a specific flavor of Visual Studio 2017 - such as Community or Professional or Enterprise? Thanks in advance. And also any light on whether it could be Visual Studio 2019 Community edition (release candidate)? Thanks in advance.

  • aamezaamez Member ✭✭

    Namespace not found for system,Xamarin.Forms,ContentPage,Initialization() etc here.
    Some issues on Xamarin Project for my
    attach image below pls help and suggestion me

  • FPLSFPLS Member

    I have the same problem with visual studio 2017 community that aamez and more.
    I only create a new project xamarin.forms, and without made anything I obtain 217 errors. I installing VS2017 v15.9.10 on windows 10 1709 x64. Attached images with errors and installation options selected.

    I forbiden to load images for a while, then I write:

    Installation options:
    .Net desktop development, Universal windows platform development, ASPNET and web development, Azure development, Mobile development with .NET, Visual Studio extension development and .NET Core cross-platform development; I try first without the 2 last options, only five first.

    Also check all .NET frameworks in individual components

    Thank you in advance.

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