Is nested navigation in the Master view of a MasterDetail possible?

I am trying to create an Android tablet and phone app with a side pane on the tablet version with full hierarchical navigation. It should be a menu with sub-menus, and selecting a child in the sub menu sends a page to the Detail view. The phone version should have this menu and it's children as the full screen, and the detail screen becomes the full screen.

I am aware that ListViews can be embedded in a Master view, and that grouping is available. However I'm hoping to have a fully hierarchical navigation like you might find in, say, a settings module of an app, but in the master side of a Master Detail.

Is a Master Detail the right way to go about this? If not, I think I'm going to have use the ListView with navigation on the first 3rd of the screen in tablet mode, and just have this view fill the entire screen on the mobile version. My biggest concern is handling the navigation stack.

I have tried Googling my requirement but so far haven't found anything quite like what I'm trying to do.

I would be grateful for anyone's experience of a similar problem. A code sample would be even better.


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    From what you are saying, if it were me, I would not use a MasterDetailPage since you want the behavior to be different on Phone and Tablet. It would be a bit of work to make the Master page of a MasterDetailPage fullscreen on the phone. Also if you do not want or need the slide out drawer functionality that is the default of the MasterDetailPage, then I think you would need to spend more time undoing the default behavior than in implementing your own solution with the navigation and behavior you want.

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