Single Xaml entry to detect Phone number/Email id on entering the text

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Hello Guys,

I'm developing a payment portal where the user has to confirm either phone number or email id to process the Payment. So, I'm planning to have single entry control which detects phone number/email id upon entering the text instead of having two separate entries to confirm phone number and email id.

Did anyone come across such situation?

Please suggest.

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    Yes, I did try the behaviors but couldn't get the validation done using a single entry but was able to achive using two different entries for Email and Phone number.

    1) I'm trying a different approach using View model Binding and it works upon entering the text but have to figure if this is the best practice from performance prospective.

    public string VerifyEntry
    get { return _verifyEntry; }
    _verifyEntry = value;

    2) I also came across Xamarin forms Visual state manager which is also helpful.


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