this.ContentResolver.Insert() not working

I'm using Xamarin Android and can't get, for the life of me, something to work.
I'm trying to change the default ringtone sound but it won't work.
I found code to do this with the RingtoneManager class, so I think that part is fine.
I think where I'm having trouble is with the Uri's:

var uri = Media.GetContentUriForPath(soundFilePath);
var newUri = this.ContentResolver.Insert(uri, values);

I'm printing (Log.Info) these values for debugging:
uri prints fine, but I get a null exception when printing newUri.Path,
Log.Info(TAG, "newUri: " + newUri.Path);
And get a null string when printing just newUri
Log.Info(TAG, "newUri: " + newUri);

This is all in th MainActivity.


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