Can someone explain me what is Binding And MVVM?

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I’m starting in Xamarin.Forms and XAML, But there is almost nothing of information, I have an idea of what Binding Is, Correct me if I’m wrong, with binding I can, for example, have a variable called Name with the Value John inside, and if I put a label text =“{Binding Name}”, the label text should be John?, like a normal variable?, it’s the only I understand. Also if you have a good site where I can learn XAML, can you share it with me? Thanks.

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    MVVM is a pattern that has existed since WPF and XAML hit the scene 15+ years ago. There is TONS of documentation on it.
    Binding is part of MVVM - See above

    There is countless books on the topic - far too big to tackle in a thread. Google "MVVM pattern" and "MVVM tutorial"

    The free de-facto text book for Xamarin covers it.

    There are also numerous books on XAML. Hit up Amazon.

    Countless tutorials on 'net for XAML, MVVM and Xamarin. Xamarin University even put a lot of their classes up on YouTube for free.

    Xamarin University covers it - and if you have no coding experience then you probably really need to sign up before you try to learn it by banging on the keyboard and reverse-engineering based on what happens.

    But there is almost nothing of information

    Me thinks you do not know how to google.

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