How can I implement a button that keeps event states outside the button layout?

Hey everybody, I am a newcomer to Xamarin Forms. Currently I am working with the control view Button.
I noticed the Pressed and Released events do not keep their states outside the button layout.
For example, I have a button and a boxview, the boxview should change color when the button is pressed and
return to its initial color when it is released. However, if I keep pressed the mouse leftclick then I release it
outside the button layout, the boxview does not go back to its initial color, just when I press the button back it is when
the color goes back. Is it possible to implement this without using custom renderer?


  • LandLuLandLu Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Xamarin forms seems not providing this feature. When user removes outside the button, the button will release itself and won't trigger the event. So without custom renderer, I don't think it can be achieved.

  • MAPA05MAPA05 Member

    Hey thanks for replying, LandLu!
    Then I'll go with custom renderer. Do you know how to implement this from scratch or can you suggest a good guideline for using custom renderer?

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