Using objective sharpie to port DTCoreText library

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Currently I'm porting the DTCoreText library from Obj-C to use in Xamarin. I've done with creating the fat library and currently stuck at using Obj-Sharpie to create binding for it.
You can take a look at :
This is what my current working repository look like : (sorry because I'm not allow to upload image)

--------------------DTFoundation (DTCoreText built based on this one, it also included some header files)
--------------------include (include all header needed for DTCoreText)

My command: (I'm using sharpie 3.4.23 with Xcode 9.4)

sharpie bind --output=DTCoreText --namespace=DTCoreText --sdk=iphoneos11.4 include/DTCoreText.h -scope include DTFoundation/DTHTMLParser.h

This is what I got:

Parsing 2 header files...
In file included from /var/folders/yf/yf65s1l10vv24p22xrf972w80000gp/T/tmp362ab05d.h:1:
In file included from /Users/happiness/Desktop/CoreTextLibrary/include/DTCoreText.h:30:
/Users/happiness/Desktop/CoreTextLibrary/include/DTHTMLAttributedStringBuilder.h:9:9: fatal error:
'DTFoundation/DTHTMLParser.h' file not found

import <DTFoundation/DTHTMLParser.h>

So I'm not sure what's wrong with it, or I (highly potential) missed something.
Any help will be very appreciated ! Thank you so much


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