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One MasterDetailPage for all pages in my app

RamazanRamazan Member ✭✭

I have a Master Detail Page and i want to reach that page from all other pages. I achieve that for one page but i want to see that page from all other pages.
For example i want to go to first page from my last page in my app and i dont prefer back button so i can go to first page with one click.

My Master detail Page:

public MyMasterDetailPage()

        Icon = "xamarin.png";

        Detail = new NavigationPage(new MyMasterDetailPageDetail()); //This direct to only one page and i have to do this dynamicly for my purpose.

        Master = new MyMasterDetailPageMaster();

        MasterBehavior = MasterBehavior.Popover;

My very simple master page design:

  <Label Text="Main page"/>

How can i do that?

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    @ramazan May be you can achieve this through change DetailPage on all next button and set the nxt page as a detail page

  • RamazanRamazan Member ✭✭

    @SHUBHAMSHARMA_2927 very thanks. Teorically i need your suggestion but dont know how? Any idea how to do it? What i am trying now is make a base class for masterdetail page and call that class where you need.

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