Is possible to make function share to instagram and facebook like images and text in xamarin forms?

DuckDeokDuckDeok Member ✭✭
edited April 2018 in Xamarin.Forms

If i post new message and images instagram, there is function that named share to like upper image.

If i switch on facebook, same message and images are upload in facebook.

I already find out share function in xamarin, but it is not same instagram's share to function.

Is there instagram's share to function? or in xamarin only use android's share to function?

If in xamarin share to function is not same instagram, how to make share function like instagram - facebook or other sns like twitter?

Finally i want make function that is if in my xamarin app post message and images and check share to instagram or facebook, and after post ended,

in facebook or instagram app same post are uploaded without other motions.

Is Possible to make this function in xamarin apps?


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