How to make a ussd request in a Xamarin crossplatform app without opening the dialer

I want to make a USSD call in a using C# and i have no idea where to start. All the examples i have seen is done in java. Is it possible to successfully dial a USSD code like *270# within my app without opening the dialer? If yes, please how? I just need a solution for the part. I'll be very grateful for any help


  • izhangizhang USMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    This should be possible by creating a URI starting with "tel:" and then adding to it your USSD code as a character. This then can be converted to a Android.Net.Uri which is passed into the ACTION_CALL intent.

    Example code to create the URI:
    private Android.Net.Uri createUriFromString(String ussd){
    String uri = "tel:";
    foreach(char c in ussd.ToCharArray()){
    if(c == '#'){
    uri += Android.Net.Uri.Decode("#");
    uri += c;
    return Android.Net.Uri.Parse(uri);

    Using the ACTION_CALL intent:
    var intent = new Intent(Intent.ActionCall, createUriFromString("*270#"));

  • jocodesjocodes Member ✭✭

    Thank you this worked for me after changing Decode to Encode

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