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How will expand all Items of NSOutlineView.

qtsoftqtsoft Member ✭✭


How can expand all Items added into NSOutlineView. By default Item is in collapse state but I want to set expand state.


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  • YuriKuznetsovYuriKuznetsov USMember ✭✭✭

    In your own DataSource you need to override method

        public override bool ItemExpandable(NSOutlineView outlineView, NSObject item) 

    and return true for every item.

  • qtsoftqtsoft Member ✭✭

    I have this function in My DataSource class but it expand when i click on item in outline view. But i want all item in expanded state automatically(without any click), when they are being add first time adding in outline view.

  • qtsoftqtsoft Member ✭✭


    I have created a function which is performing(executing) very heavy task. In this I am using read and write operation. When ever this function executes that time User Interface seems hanging. That time a coloured moving circle being display and seems process has been stuck. What should me to do to overcome this problem.

  • ChrisHamonsChrisHamons USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai
    edited June 2018

    The standard answer is to move all heavy work off of the UI thread. I would start with this iOS documentation (, as the general concept is the same.

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